Nature:our wealth

Natural ecosystems are vital in the fight against climate change and their restoration and conservation are urgently needed.

Healthy natural ecosystems improve biodiversity and resilience as well as reducing land degradation and desertification.

Furthermore, they provide multiple social and economic benefits.

Our mission

Our mission is to support and enhance the functions of natural ecosystems in the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, thus improving biodiversity and reducing desertification and land degradation.

We promote catalytic actions for the restoration of ecosystems, including forests, wetlands and other natural ecosystems, thereby:

- Supporting the fight against climate change by removing CO2.

- Making a positive impact on biodiversity, soil and water by planting the right tree in the right place.

- Generating socio-economic opportunities in rural areas.


ARR Galicia Project

Tierra PuraTogether with CO2 Revolution, Fundación Cabify and Glovo are developing a reforestation project of degraded ecosystems in communal forests in Ourense and Pontevedra.

The project will be implemented following international forest carbon standards allowing to generate high quality carbon credits, create benefits for biodiversity and local communities.

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Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Program

The Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Program in Spain is an initiative promoted by the Foundation Tierra Pura in collaboration with The Regen Academy and One Carbon World.

It is the first program that will allow the generation of carbon credits under the VCS standard through the implementation of regenerative practices in agriculture.

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Zero Emissions Initiative Tierra Pura

Program aimed at supporting companies in their transition to zero emissions. We offer a service to calculate the carbon footprint, develop a reduction plan and offset emissions through the foundation's natural solutions projects.

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Forest restoration in Tonle Sap, Cambodia

In January 2023, we started this project with the objective of restoring 500 hectares of flooded forests in Tonle Sap, a unique ecosystem in the world.

With the support of Conservation International, we applied a community-based restoration approach together with local fishing communities.

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local communities benefited

Mangrove Estero Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Since 2020, Tierra Pura has been working with Conservation International on mangrove restoration and conservation in the Gulf of Nicoya (Costa Rica).
Along with the restoration of 300 hectares of mangroves, Blue Carbon Community Development Models will be developed to ensure their conservation and benefit to local communities.

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Project Tierra Pura - Grandas de Salime

The project Tierra Pura Grandas de Salime aims to accelerate the restoration process in a sector of the Sierra de La Cuesta and Villarpedre, in Grandes de Salime (Asturias) affected by a forest fire in 2017.

The project, which generates climatic, environmental and socioeconomic benefits in the rural environment, has been developed within the framework of Motor Verde Asturias, an initiative led by Fundación Repsol and Grupo Sylvestris.

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LIFE Osos con futuro

From October 2020 to March 2025, the Tierra Pura Foundation  forms part of the LIFE Osos con Futuro Project "Improvement of key trophic resources and prevention of winter conflicts to conserve the Cantabrian brown bear in climate change scenarios" coordinated by the Oso Pardo Foundation and with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation, the regional government of Castilla y León and the Principality of Asturias.

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Tierra Pura Observatory

The Tierra Pura Observatory is a meeting point for investors and project developers interested in improving Spain’s natural capital.

The projects included in the Observatory have to meet a series of criteria that guarantee quality and multiple impact.

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Current situation and outlook for BDS in Spain

What are BDS? What is their current level of development in Spain?
How can we generate a greater impact?

Through this publication we aim to answer these and other questions and propose a series of actions to be carried out.

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TheTierra Pura Foundation

Tierra Pura is an independent, non-profit foundation created in 2019 with the aim of promoting nature-based solutions. Our team is made up of professionals from multiple fields with a common interest in the fight against climate change.

Miguel Nogales

Miguel Nogales is a founding partner and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Generation Investment Management LLP, a London-based asset management firm with a focus on sustainability.

Anna O'Connell
Vice President

Anna O'Connell is the President and co-founder of ADA (Asociación Española de Derecho del Arte) and co-founder and Patron of the Unblock Foundation.

María Sanchíz

María Sanchiz is a Partner at PwC and is responsible for the Family Business area in Spain, Patron of the PwC Foundation and Chair of the firm's Ethics and Values Committee in Spain.

Carlos Trénor

Carlos Trénor Löwenstein is a lawyer specialising in mergers and acquisitions and real estate law. He is a partner of the López-Ibor law firm and co-founder and President of the Unblock Foundation.

Álvaro de Remedios

Alvaro de Remedios is the founder and Chairman of Arcano Partners, one of Spain's leading independent alternative asset management and investment banking firms.

Javier de la Torre

Javier de la Torre is founder of CARTO, one of the leading companies in geospatial data analysis. He is an expert in biodiversity and climate change information systems.

Pablo Llopis

Pablo is an independent consultant focused on achieving climate change mitigation and adaptation through forests, biodiversity and socio-economic development.

Javier Cano

Javier has 15 years of experience supporting multiple countries and organisations in the development of programmes and projects linked to climate change from the perspective of ecosystem restoration and conservation.

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